My vices rock! In the news – drink coffee and wine for longevity.

The way I see it - with all that we have given up - we should be drinking every night just to make ourselves feel better :) :) :) Croissants, muffins, apple fritters and bagels, twizzlers and gummy bears, pizza, pasta, hot-pockets, salami and hot dogs are no longer a part of my daily diet. Even bread! Sandwich or a toast - was an absolute necessity of our daily diet.

Gut health and autoimmune disease. Elimination Diet.

I came across this great and long 🙂 article about gut health in relation to autoimmune disease. Below are few excerpts. From February 2013 Issue of Today’s Dietitian Gut Health and Autoimmune Disease — Research Suggests Digestive Abnormalities May Be the Underlying Cause. By Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD “The prevalence of autoimmune disorders is rapidly rising… Continue Reading

Gluten Free Diet – Oats or no Oats?

Great information about oats and gluten, from one of the best gluten sources –  Gluten Free Society We do not use oats in our Gluten-Free diet. My husband and my youngest daughter can tolerate gluten, so on occasion they may have some oatmeal for breakfast. If someone has gluten sensitivity, I advise (my clients) to avoid… Continue Reading

Gluten Free Grains. Soaking is important.

Grains – to eat or not to eat?! I love grains but they did not always love me back. Bloating, gas, indigestion and cramping are just a few side effects of eating grains. Despite trying most grains available in the store, I actually did not know how to prepare them to ensure an easy digestion. The best way to… Continue Reading

NO YEAST PIZZA DOUGH (easy, organic… & yummy)

Originally posted on Miss Marzipan:
Do you like your pizza “pan style”? Or do you, like me, prefer a somewhat thinner, crispier base that showcases the ingredients on top, as opposed to the dough underneath? If you like the latter (and are short of yeast!), this recipe might interest you! I am constantly on the…