My vices rock! In the news – drink coffee and wine for longevity.

The way I see it - with all that we have given up - we should be drinking every night just to make ourselves feel better :) :) :) Croissants, muffins, apple fritters and bagels, twizzlers and gummy bears, pizza, pasta, hot-pockets, salami and hot dogs are no longer a part of my daily diet. Even bread! Sandwich or a toast - was an absolute necessity of our daily diet.

Gut health and autoimmune disease. Elimination Diet.

I came across this great and long 🙂 article about gut health in relation to autoimmune disease. Below are few excerpts. From February 2013 Issue of Today’s Dietitian Gut Health and Autoimmune Disease — Research Suggests Digestive Abnormalities May Be the Underlying Cause. By Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD “The prevalence of autoimmune disorders is rapidly rising… Continue Reading

Gluten Free Diet – Oats or no Oats?

Great information about oats and gluten, from one of the best gluten sources –  Gluten Free Society We do not use oats in our Gluten-Free diet. My husband and my youngest daughter can tolerate gluten, so on occasion they may have some oatmeal for breakfast. If someone has gluten sensitivity, I advise (my clients) to avoid… Continue Reading