Gluten and Asthma – there is a connection.

Very important information to consider and to share with anyone who is suffering from asthma. Great article by Dr. Osborne from Gluten Free Society. Gluten Intolerance and Asthma – Is There A Connection? The incidence of people suffering with asthma in the U.S. continues to grow.  Interestingly enough, so does the incidence of people being… Continue Reading

Gluten Goodbye: One-Third Of Americans Say They’re Trying To Shun It : NPR

Balzer says. “Right now 29 percent of the adult population says, ‘I’d like to cut back or avoid gluten completely.’ That is amazing! one-third of population is gluten-free. Have you tried it yet?! One word of caution – gluten-free does not automatically make the product healthy! Most of processed and packaged gluten-free foods are still loaded with sugar! Look at the ingredients list, if buying baked… Continue Reading