A beautiful reminder

A beautiful reminder of how it is for Eckhart Tolle: ‘Life is the dancer and you are the dance.’ Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose I am an expression of God experiencing living through me, through my body. God dances the dance of life through me a dancer in his… Continue Reading

Spinoza on God

From Spinoza‘s Letter LXXVI, to a former pupil of his who had recently converted to Catholicism: “When you were still in your right mind, you used to worship an infinite God, by whose power all things absolutely occur. Now you dream of a prince, God’s enemy, who against God’s will entraps and deceives very many men (rarely good… Continue Reading

God has no name…

From The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell. God tells Moses, “My name is I am.” But in reality, God has no name. Inside that silence all things are holly. “Man has access to his name, although it is also transcendent. It shines in the beauty and order of the world, and it… Continue Reading

Just believing vs. becoming Buddha the enlightened one

There so many people around, who believe themselves to be religious or spiritual, they believe in God. Sometimes, I see how they live and a question arises – being spiritual, religious person, believing in God, leaving as a spiritual, religious being – is there a difference. Some believe in God, do things that God would not approve of, then later, they ask for forgiveness and go on, doing bad… Continue Reading

What is God

We all have different names for God. I think in US word God is most commonly used.  Other words I came across are (in no particular order): Universe, Being, Tao, Creative Force, Energy, Spirit, Buddha… I’d like to add to the list. I will do so as I think of other words. Here is a… Continue Reading

Benedictine monk David Steindl-Rast on Jesus and forgiveness

For Jesus, the Holy Spirit bears witness in his hearers’ hearts to the truth and to forgiveness – unconditional forgiveness. All the authentic parables are based on the understanding that Jesus’s hearers are able “in Holly Spirit” to understand “from within” what God is like. We cannot extinguish this Holy Spirit; it is the lifebreath of our lifebreath; but we… Continue Reading

Stephen Mitchell on Heaven, Now, Present

Who among the now-middle-aged doesn’t remember the fervor of the Sixties, when young people believed that love could transform the world? “You may say I’m a dreamer,” John Lennon sang, “but I’m not the only one”. The messianic dream of the future may be humanity’s sweetest dream. But it is a dream nevertheless, as long as there… Continue Reading