Pain and suffering, quote, inspiration.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” is one of my favorite quotes. Physical or emotional pain – you can choose how you deal with that pain. To suffer or not to suffer that is the question ūüôā I see it on daily basis, family of athletes, my husband and my oldest daughter are in a… Continue Reading

Peace – morning pages on Easter Sunday morning

On Easter Sunday, I had the most profound and moving experience writing my¬†morning¬†pages.¬†I ended up with six pages of¬†longhand writing,¬†and three of those I typed up word to word below, unedited. I am not a¬†religious¬†person, and for me to mention Jesus was very unexpected, especially it being Easter Sunday. I have heard that morning pages… Continue Reading

A Christmas wish

Isn’t it a tradition to make a wish, or two, or many…on Christmas night and/or New Year’s Eve. ¬†Well it is interesting I thought, that today I read a post on¬†Facebook¬†about¬†wishes¬†people make, and I¬†realized¬†I have not made any. Is it good? Bad? Well I think that the fact that I did not wish for anything,… Continue Reading

My Now moment

Every moment – I could not have wished for more……well, maybe a vacation or a new car. But it would not really make me any happier. Nice to know and realize that! I am happy and grateful; cleaning, cooking for, and taking care of my family never has brought me so much joy – am… Continue Reading


I must never forget to be grateful. I thank God every night as I go to bed for all the blessing he granted me. My amazing daughters, a wonderful man who I am so proud to call my husband, our home, our car, our health, our love, respect and appreciation of one another. But how… Continue Reading

A reblog of my favorite post this year!

This post was¬†written¬†by Bruce, a blogger with a wonderful¬†message. Here is the link to his blog¬†Thank you Jesus (you can also see it in my Blogroll). I read it and forwarded it to my husband. He said that this post made him very deeply aware and thankful, for the mere fact, that we even have… Continue Reading

Eckhart Tolle on abundance and gratitude

Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance. – Eckhart Tolle I totally subscribe to this!¬†Gratitude¬†is one of the most important aspects of any spiritual practice. I¬†believe¬†being grateful by default makes you happy or at the very least makes you feel happy at that moment. There is always… Continue Reading