My vices rock! In the news – drink coffee and wine for longevity.

The way I see it - with all that we have given up - we should be drinking every night just to make ourselves feel better :) :) :) Croissants, muffins, apple fritters and bagels, twizzlers and gummy bears, pizza, pasta, hot-pockets, salami and hot dogs are no longer a part of my daily diet. Even bread! Sandwich or a toast - was an absolute necessity of our daily diet.

Living with physical pain.

This morning I read a story of¬†Calvin Eaton, I quote “a twenty-six-year-old special educator and writer. In the fall of 2010, I was diagnosed with the debilitating illnesses of Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Bone Disease.” – from¬†Calvin’s website. To live¬†every¬†day in pain – unimaginable! Check out his website! Calvin’s story made me remember how when I… Continue Reading