How I am staying healthy and well.

As most of my readers know I have been diagnosed with three autoimmune conditions (Celiac, LP, and LPP) back in 2010. I was able to keep them all under control and from progressing through diet, proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and stress management/mindful living. I am lucky too, as for the last 7 years I was… Continue Reading

A Christmas wish

Isn’t it a tradition to make a wish, or two, or many…on Christmas night and/or New Year’s Eve.  Well it is interesting I thought, that today I read a post on Facebook about wishes people make, and I realized I have not made any. Is it good? Bad? Well I think that the fact that I did not wish for anything,… Continue Reading

Love this quote by Osho on religion

I saw the quote below at Cliffhanger Blog and it really made sense to me, especially this time of year, with Christmas coming up, so many people are so religious about now… “So many religions are there because so many people are unhappy. A happy person needs no religion; a happy person needs no temple,… Continue Reading

My Now moment

Every moment – I could not have wished for more……well, maybe a vacation or a new car. But it would not really make me any happier. Nice to know and realize that! I am happy and grateful; cleaning, cooking for, and taking care of my family never has brought me so much joy – am… Continue Reading

Shit doesn’t just happen – it happens for a reason! There is a spiritual lesson in it. Look for one!

I find it fascinating, how things fall into our lap just when we need them. Not a day sooner, not a day later. After a couple of months of weekly visits to doctors, I finally had a biopsy done as well as some additional blood work. Last Friday my allergist called and informed me that I tested positive for lupus. About three months… Continue Reading

A reblog of my favorite post this year!

This post was written by Bruce, a blogger with a wonderful message. Here is the link to his blog Thank you Jesus (you can also see it in my Blogroll). I read it and forwarded it to my husband. He said that this post made him very deeply aware and thankful, for the mere fact, that we even have… Continue Reading