How I am staying healthy and well.

As most of my readers know I have been diagnosed with three autoimmune conditions (Celiac, LP, and LPP) back in 2010. I was able to keep them all under control and from progressing through diet, proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and stress management/mindful living. I am lucky too, as for the last 7 years I was… Continue Reading

A Christmas wish

Isn’t it a tradition to make a wish, or two, or many…on Christmas night and/or New Year’s Eve.  Well it is interesting I thought, that today I read a post on Facebook about wishes people make, and I realized I have not made any. Is it good? Bad? Well I think that the fact that I did not wish for anything,… Continue Reading

Love this quote by Osho on religion

I saw the quote below at Cliffhanger Blog and it really made sense to me, especially this time of year, with Christmas coming up, so many people are so religious about now… “So many religions are there because so many people are unhappy. A happy person needs no religion; a happy person needs no temple,… Continue Reading

My Now moment

Every moment – I could not have wished for more……well, maybe a vacation or a new car. But it would not really make me any happier. Nice to know and realize that! I am happy and grateful; cleaning, cooking for, and taking care of my family never has brought me so much joy – am… Continue Reading

A reblog of my favorite post this year!

This post was written by Bruce, a blogger with a wonderful message. Here is the link to his blog Thank you Jesus (you can also see it in my Blogroll). I read it and forwarded it to my husband. He said that this post made him very deeply aware and thankful, for the mere fact, that we even have… Continue Reading

Spiritual Journey – a luxury I can afford.

In my last post I talked about balancing a spiritual practice, a family, a job and everything else that is thrown at us daily. Few days ago I met with a wonderful friend of mine who I have known for about 13 years. She was telling me that her Spiritual Practice had a great momentum and is… Continue Reading

Allowing for the future to happen

In my last post I mentioned that I feel somewhat stuck without knowing where today takes me. As I go about my daily activities I like to know that I am working toward something. I am speaking of my own personal agenda here. I need to know what it is that I want, where I want to end-up.… Continue Reading

My living in the Now and planning for the Future

For few weeks now I have being doing these releasing exerciser and somewhat neglected my meditation. Big mistake. I thought I was doing pretty good, releasing on my old feelings, blocks, resistance, desires. Two days ago I had an appointment with my Holistic Nutritionist and she said that I carry a lot of tension, asked… Continue Reading

Am busy with Sedona Method

I am completely consumed these days with studying the Sedona Method. I absolutely love it. It completely resonates with teachings of Eckhart Tolle. There is much work to be done on releasing. To improve fast, I am doing a lot of homework, therefore there isn’t much time left for posting on this blog. As always I will… Continue Reading

Life's purpose.

What is purpose? From the book I am reading, The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell, comes following passage. As the Upanishads say: “Self is everywhere, shining forth out of all beings, vaster than the vast, subtler than the most subtle, unreachable, yet nearer that breath, that heartbeat. Eye can not see it,… Continue Reading

Just believing vs. becoming Buddha the enlightened one

There so many people around, who believe themselves to be religious or spiritual, they believe in God. Sometimes, I see how they live and a question arises – being spiritual, religious person, believing in God, leaving as a spiritual, religious being – is there a difference. Some believe in God, do things that God would not approve of, then later, they ask for forgiveness and go on, doing bad… Continue Reading

Philo's perspective on a wise man

The face of a wise man is not somber or austere, contracted by anxiety and sorrow, but precisely the opposite: radiant and serene, and filled with a vast delight, which often makes him the most playful of men, acting with a sense of humor that blends with essential seriousness and dignity, just as in a well-tuned lyre all the… Continue Reading

Negativity, blame = misery

Another insightful verse I had to mention from Stephen Mitchell‘s book The Gospel According to Jesus. We may condemn a crime, but not a person. Blame is always a dangerous weapon, and it points both ways. That is why in the Book of Job the negative power in the human cosmos, the cause of all our misery, is called Satan, “the Accuser.” Blake… Continue Reading

A great article by Davidya on intentions, identification, ego….

This is an absolutely brilliant post by a wonderful writer. I highly recommend subscribing to the blog and following it closely, it has an abundance of precious information. Untethering Perception Davidya | March 2, 2010 at 1:03 pm | Categories: Conciousness, Ego, Intention, Mind, Perspective, Principles, Waking | URL: In a discussion over on Shared Vision, some… Continue Reading

Bad anger vs. good anger

This is another subject that is important to me. After reading, hearing Tolle I decided that any type of emotion, especially negative, are of my ego and therefore is bad and to be avoided at all cost. Well, I found that for me this was almost impossible. Although I am much more aware of my feeling, emotions and thoughts, but… Continue Reading

Possibilities and impossibilities

I had to take this great quote from The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell: We simply don’t know the limits of the possible. If we think that something is impossible, then it is (for us). When we realize that we don’t know, we become open to all possibilities.”

God. Jesus. Money. Wealth. Poverty. part 5

And here is the final post on The Rich Man chapter from The Gospel According to Jesus by Stephen Mitchell. I obviously took much time to study this particular chapter, and for a good reason. In the past, I have never had great relationship with money. Oh, I like money, no question about that, but it did… Continue Reading

God. Jesus. Money. Wealth. Poverty. part 4

This is another wonderful lesson from The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell. The Jewish attitude (on the subject of wealth) is well summarized by the eleventh-century Spanish rabbi Bakhya ibn Pakuda: “If he who trusts in God is rich, he will cheerfully fulfill all the religious and ethical obligations that a rich man has;… Continue Reading

God. Jesus. Money. Wealth. Poverty. part 2

I am continuing to recap “The Rich Man” chapter from Commentary part of The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell. To read part one of this post please click on this link – God. Jesus. Money. Wealth. Poverty. part 1 This is another wonderful thought on what is the treasure in heaven: Treasure right here and now,… Continue Reading

God. Jesus. Money. Wealth. Poverty. part 1

This subject is very interesting and important to me. Why are some, not so good people are very wealthy (although admittedly for most part they are still not happy) and then, some wonderful enlightened people are struggling to support their families (although admittedly, they actually are, for most part happy). We know that money can… Continue Reading