Why Older Adults Should Eat More Protein (And Not Overdo Protein Shakes) Judith Graham Older adults need to eat more protein-rich foods when they’re trying to lose weight, dealing with a chronic or acute illness, or facing a hospitalization, according to a growing consensus among scientists. During these stressful periods, aging bodies process protein less… Continue Reading

In the news – organic is the way to go.

In case anyone is still wondering 🙂 – two separate studies confirming that buying organic is a better choice. Below are some bullet points. If you want to read studies and articles themselves, please follow the links. Can Eating Organic Food Lower Your Cancer Risk? In a study, those who ate more organic produce, dairy,… Continue Reading

The Perfect Human Diet – the movie

Someone has mentioned this movie and I just watched it – very interesting! I believe that no matter what beliefs we have as far as our individual diet – we have to stay open-minded and educate ourselves. I remember growing up in Russia how we always ate organ meats, bone marrow, but here in the… Continue Reading

Debunking the paleo diet?!

Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU. Christina Warinner is a researcher at the University of Zurich, where she studies how humans have co-evolved with environments, diets and disease. This is a very interesting video, not even as much from a perspective of debunking the paleo diet, but from the points she does make about our ancestors. What… Continue Reading

Paleolithic Lessons – paleo or plant-based?

Is paleo just another fad diet? I personally am not a big fan of anything extreme or too restrictive. I eat grass-fed, organic meats and eggs when I feel like it, not everyday and not because I have to. We all are too different and have totally different nutritional needs, and so while a diet may be great… Continue Reading


When I was diagnosed with not one but three autoimmune disorders within a couple of months and decided to use food, stress relief and lifestyle change as my medicine, the limitations on what I could eat were overwhelming and ever-changing. How to implement all these requirements into our family’s diet and heal myself?! I was… Continue Reading