The ancient law

From the Buddha’s Dhammapada (freely translated by Stephen Mitchell) Mind creates the world; what you see arises with your thoughts. If you speak and act with a confused mind, trouble will follow you as certainly as a cart follows the ox that pulls it. Mind creates the world; what you see arises with your thoughts.… Continue Reading

Spinoza on God

From Spinoza‘s Letter LXXVI, to a former pupil of his who had recently converted to Catholicism: “When you were still in your right mind, you used to worship an infinite God, by whose power all things absolutely occur. Now you dream of a prince, God’s enemy, who against God’s will entraps and deceives very many men (rarely good… Continue Reading

God has no name…

From The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell. God tells Moses, “My name is I am.” But in reality, God has no name. Inside that silence all things are holly. “Man has access to his name, although it is also transcendent. It shines in the beauty and order of the world, and it… Continue Reading

Religion, kingdom of God, Christianity

For the kingdom of God is within you: Where is this “withing”? It can’t be observed by a surgeon, just as heaven can’t be found by an astronaut. Ramana Maharshi comments: “The ultimate truth is so simple. It is nothing more that being in the pristine state. This is all that needs to be said.… Continue Reading

The greatest treasure in the world inside you

In The Gospel According to Jesus – by Stephen Mitchell, there is a wonderful story on awakening about two eighth-century Chinese Zen Masters. When Hui-hai was a young monk and first came to the great Master Ma-tzu, the Master Asked him, “What have you come here for?” Hui-hai said, “I have come seeking the Buddha’s teaching.”… Continue Reading