The Perfect Human Diet – the movie

Someone has mentioned this movie and I just watched it – very interesting! I believe that no matter what beliefs we have as far as our individual diet – we have to stay open-minded and educate ourselves. I remember growing up in Russia how we always ate organ meats, bone marrow, but here in the… Continue Reading

Veganism – one side of the story

I am posting this article primarily for my own reference. It was written a couple of years ago, by a former die-hard Vegan blogger named Tasha from, the website is no longer active as apparently there were so many negative comments and reactions to the article that she just decided to retire from blogging and to use other ways to advance… Continue Reading

My nutrition philosophy

I live my life being flexible, open-minded and open to change. And naturally this applies to my diet. Gradually starting in 2010 I started to make some major changes to my diet and my lifestyle. From eating anything and everything my whole life, at 35 I thankfully developed some health issues. Three autoimmune disorders (I do not like the word disease)… Continue Reading

Sweet potatoes for dinner

Baked sweet potatoes for dinner. I love these baked @ 425˚F for about 40min. I brushed them with olive oil, salt and black pepper. Kids love them. Today our kids had their potatoes with a tuna salad. Konstantin and I had a side of spicy guacamole and a salad. Delicious. I found this recipe and more, as well as much better… Continue Reading

My own “warm bowl” inspired by Life Alive

Last week my wonderful friend D. suggested we have our upcoming get-together at Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe® in Cambridge (I noted that visit here). We loved the food and had a great time definitely planning to go back regularly. In a mean time it is getting cold and I am getting bored with being vegan and today trying… Continue Reading