In the news – Certain vitamins and minerals may help boost longevity | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

“These substances help keep the body running smoothly. If supplies run low, the body may have to pull resources from tasks like repairing DNA damage that keep cells younger and healthier, but keeping supplies up could prevent this, according to Ames.” Another reason why eating a nutrient dense diet is critical! Clean nutritious fuel for… Continue Reading

Latest info on Vitamin D – sun anyone?

To [Vitamin] D or Not to D? That Is the Question  – a very interesting debate. Two leading experts in the field of vitamin D agreed to disagree at the 2013 European Congress on Endocrinology, during a lighthearted debate on the subject of whether or not everyone needs more vitamin D. To summarize: Their arguments were backed up… Continue Reading

Low vitamin D levels may increase risk of type 1 diabetes – Harvard School of Public Health

Another great research from Harvard School of Public Health. Could such a simple preventative solution as taking vitamin D supplement, be able to prevent development of a serious autoimmune disease, in this case type 1 diabetes? Being a health coach I first and foremost my clients’ partner in prevention. I also have an autoimmune disorder and am very serious about right kind of supplements. I need… Continue Reading