why I still blog?

New year reflection. What has served its purpose and should be left behind? What do I want to focus on in 2019? What do I bring along and nurture? Where do I want to thrive? I love working with these questions while looking at the year ahead. 2019, here we come!

What is blocking social mobility? Single parents.

A reblog of an article from Slate.com. Do I believe in a two-parent family unit? Absolutely. I believe that married parents family structure is an ideal setting for raising children. In our society however single parenting is very common, totally accepted, in fact almost glorified, in my opinion. When my mother got divorced, I was… Continue Reading


A great article I wanted to share here from Food Matters, some good sound advise that I have been living with for the last 4 years. HOW TO OVERCOME CANDIDA NATURALLY By Bee Wilder, Nourished Magazine What is Candida? Candida is the short name used to describe yeast overgrowth in the body. The technical term… Continue Reading

So-Called Healthy Oils You Should Avoid

A friend shared this great article on vegetable oils and I wanted to “file” it on my blog. I love coconut oil, we use it for cooking, as a skin moisturizer, for oil pulling, brushing teeth, etc. We also use a lot of olive oil in salads, and we eat a lot of salads, as well as avocado… Continue Reading

Health and wellbeing of the younger generation.

Is the younger generation healthy? Mentally? Physically? What do most parents in our society do for their kids? Most parents work. We make money to support our kids financially, to give them more opportunities and hope that they will be better off than we are. I had a successful career that I loved and where… Continue Reading

Healing and stress. Spirituality and illness.

On one of LP/LPP focused FB pages I am a member of, there is much discussion about stress management. When one is actually diagnosed with a disease, that usually automatically throws them into denial, disbelief and stress. So at the time when you need to be more relaxed, rested and calm, to support the healing… Continue Reading

The Dark Side of Soy?

The general understanding is that soy is a heath food. I would just like to present the other side of soy that is not widely known, just to get the facts out there Some think of soy as a miracle food, great for women, great for the heart, and yet just because it may be so, it does not mean… Continue Reading