In the news – How Breathing Calms Your Brain, And Other Science-Based Benefits Of Controlled Breathing.

A great summary of benefits of conscious controlled breathing. I have learned benefits of breathing exercises through my yoga training. My husband Konstantin came to learn and use breathing techniques from his life long study and practice of martial arts, as a coach, he regularly incorporates breathing work into his own training sessions as well… Continue Reading

why I still blog?

New year reflection. What has served its purpose and should be left behind? What do I want to focus on in 2019? What do I bring along and nurture? Where do I want to thrive? I love working with these questions while looking at the year ahead. 2019, here we come!

Morning pages sample.

Finally I had time to type up the first part of my particularly special experience with morning pages. I have not edited this text, so naturally it will be confusing as you will not know what it is I am talking about, but it is a great example of how the process of morning pages goes…just rumbling on and… Continue Reading